Linwood Quarry


The Linwood Quarry is quite unique being cheek by jowl with residential development; although the “mine “predates the subdivisions of Marino, Hallet Cove and Seacliff Park. Based on a recent application back in 2018/19 to extend the Mine Licence (in process) and Community Consultation in 2019 it is clear that the Mine/Quarry has an expected life of up to 100 years!

There has been a long series of campaigns lead by the community in relation to the Quarry activities related to dust , air pollution and health impacts. There was in fact an Asphalt Plant on the site with noxious fumes which the community rallied to successfully facilitate its closure. There has been ongoing monitoring and campaigning about the impacts of Blasting and dust within the community lead by the Association over 40+ years.

Whilst there have been significant improvements as a result of community pressures, led by the Association over the years, it is still important to continue to input into the long term operations and development of the Quarry. Boral have received awards for their site management and innovation.

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