Be Involved

Community campaigns are a part of our mission:

  • to facilitate representation of and engagement in the 5049 Coastal Community through advocacy in matters of common community interest
  • we are actively involved with a number of local issues and support other local groups representing their concerns
  • we liaise with the relevant authorities, including the City of Marion, the City of Holdfast Bay and the State Government or others on these issues and bring forward resident matters and ideas for the local area.

We are committed to make a difference by actively influencing change, protect what makes our suburbs special, and further improve our social, cultural and physical environment.

You are invited to be involved with these campaigns by signing a petition, writing to elected officials or contacting us.

Hilltop Hub@McConnell

McConnell Reserve is a unique, elevated, level council reserve in the City of Marion in the coastal suburb of Marino.

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Spear Fishing Ban

Marino to Christies Beach and Outer Harbor are opened up to spearfishing, overturning a 30-year ban along the whole Adelaide coast

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Brighton Rd Re-imagined

An initiative by local Brighton residents to convince Holdfast City Council to develop a masterplan for Brighton Road from Hove Railway Crossing to Edward Street, Foodland.

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    Other Projects

    Visit our projects page to read about other activities our association is involved with.

    These include

    • Seacliff Park Development
    • Kind Neighbours Program
    • Linwood Quarry
    • Kingston Park Master Plan
    • Seacliff Plaza and Surrounds